Packing Service

Looking for reliable and safe packing solutions for your international exports? KTC Global Logistics has got you covered. We offer a variety of packing types – including carton, case, crate, pallet, and more – tailored to your specific requirements and safety standards. Our professional packing staff is experienced in selecting the appropriate packaging and packing process to ensure maximum safety during transportation. Rest assured that your goods will be safely delivered to your desired destination with KTC Global Logistics. Contact us today to learn more about our packing solutions for international exporting.

Looking for a strong and reliable packing solution for your heavy-weight products, such as machinery? Consider our wooden case option, which provides maximum safety during transportation and handling. Ideal for packing small and multiple items together to reduce the risk of pilferage, the wooden case is strong, although less than a crate. While it can carry heavy weight, less damage is prevented due to its airy wooden frame, which cannot prevent piercing by external objects. Trust KTC Global Logistics to provide a secure packing solution for your heavy-weight products, ensuring safe delivery to your desired destination

For solid, sturdy, and heavy items that require cost-effective and secure packing solutions, consider our wooden crate option. Ideal for exclusive and bulk consignments, wooden crates are made up of carefully placed reapers that suit the weight and dimensions of your product. They are strong and highly tolerant of high-impact transportation. Unlike wooden cases, wooden crates have solid walls that can prevent damage from external piercing objects. While the weight of wooden crates is heavier than wooden cases, they offer a higher level of protection and are suitable for products that require extra protection from damages. Trust KTC Global Logistics to provide a reliable and cost-effective packing solution for your bulk shipments with our sturdy wooden crate option.

Looking for a reliable and versatile material handling solution? Consider our wooden pallet option, which is ideal for storage, stacking, and in-premise movement of materials. Wooden pallets are designed to provide a stable base for storing and transporting goods, and can be used to accumulate smaller packages into larger ones. Our wooden pallets come in two forms – solid or crate type – and are designed to facilitate fork lifting for ease of movement. Trust KTC Global Logistics to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for your material handling needs with our sturdy wooden pallets.

Packing costs calculation:
At KTC Global Logistics, we strive to provide transparent and affordable packing solutions for your shipments. To calculate your packing costs, simply provide us with the size of your product and the type of packing you require. We will respond within 5 minutes with a quote tailored to your specific needs. Product dimensions are calculated from the width x length x height (in cm), and we recommend choosing a packing type based on the type of product you are shipping. Trust us to provide a hassle-free and cost-effective packing solution for your shipments with KTC Global Logistics.

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